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Maple wood kitchen table with fall-themed tablescape with black and white checkered table runner and fabric napkins, white plates with silver utensils on woven natural fiber plate mattes, white candles lit in rubbed-brown candlesticks, and wine-colored dry leave garland down the center of the table.
Lower kitchen cabinet tiered drawers filled with various tea flavors and pantry items custom labeled and organized strategically
Clean, mostly white modern bedroom with fall leaf colored throw pillow accents
Clean, bright living room with live plants and mid-century furniture
Jada, owner of Feather & Nest, organizing kitchen cabinets with a partner
A white and grey marble carving placed on a counter top that reads, "#boss" with a pink flower stuck in the counter of the "o".
A sparkling clean kitchen counter and organized kitchenware in cabinets with clear glass doors.
A small closet with nice dress tops organized by style and color on hangers and clutches and purses on the shelf above the hanging rod.
An amber glass essential oil dropper bottle surrounded by loose light pink rose petals.
High-end skincare products for a nightly face cleaning regime organized on a lazy susan.