Virtual Organizing: My Expertise, Your Muscle

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Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, professional organizers began offering virtual sessions to reach people at a distance. Even though the “hands-on” element of working with an organizer is different in a virtual environment, you can still get a ton of benefits that are unique to virtual organizing! This kind arrangement reduces time and costs, making working with an organizing pro more accessible — and you can work with a professional regardless of where they are located.

Virtual organizing is often provided in short sessions, and the client tackles projects in between those dedicated sessions with the organizing professional. It’s an excellent option for busy, motivated people. If you’re curious, here are some more ways it can be helpful to work virtually with an organizer.

Benefits of Virtual Organizing 

Emotional Support

Clients are often overwhelmed by the volume of items and spaces they have to organize, and have a difficult time deciding where to start. An organizer, virtual or not, provides guidance on a clear plan from start to finish.

For some people, the thought of having someone in their space may produce considerable anxiety. Working virtually lets people show just a limited amount of space in their home, limits the social interaction to the session time, and greatly reduces the pressure of working with a professional.

With Feather & Nest virtual services, at the beginning of every session, Jada checks in with the client on how they’re feeling emotionally. We work through any fears or emotions that are blocking motivation and the ability to focus, setting the stage for a positive session.


One benefit of virtual organizing is instant accountability when needed, via emails and messages.

By having Jada in their corner, Feather & Nest clients can have quick, accessible accountability during projects to help them stay on track. Friendly reminders and check-ins also keep the momentum going. Clients can also have their virtual sessions recorded so that they have something to reference later.

Generating New Ideas

Having a fresh set of eyes is always an advantage, and a professional organizer has a lot of experience to help recognize your specific pain points and identify solutions. 

Jada provides clients with detailed directions and a customized product list to support personalized goals. Through these sessions and materials, people gain knowledge that lasts and propels them forward on new projects.

Reducing Costs

With virtual organizing, the time and cost associated with travel and shopping for organizing products disappear. This can add up to significant savings!


Often, virtual organizing sessions are delivered as efficient, one-hour coaching calls. Short appointments leave more time for you to do the hands-on work yourself – on your own time. You can choose the organizing hours that work for you, and your energy levels! 

On top of that, when you’re working on your own, you can dress comfortably, take breaks, and jam out to your favorite music. You can also enlist the help of a friend or family member to make things fun when not in-session with your organizer.

Hopefully this list helps demystify what virtual organizing is and how it can provide unique benefits. If you are interested in learning more, I am always here to answer questions.

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