Elevate Your Fall Tablescape

Maple wood kitchen table with fall-themed tablescape with black and white checkered table runner and fabric napkins, white plates with silver utensils on woven natural fiber plate mattes, white candles lit in rubbed-brown candlesticks, and wine-colored dry leave garland down the center of the table.

Prepare your home for Thanksgiving and other fall events with seasonal décor to create a beautiful experience for your guests. Tablescapes have become a popular trend in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to being beautiful, they’re in the heart of your gathering, and they take your eating and dining experience to the next level. 

While they’re a beautiful addition to your holiday dinner, tablescapes don’t have to be difficult! Let the creativity flow when creating your tablescape this year. To help you out, Feather & Nest has put together some inspiration for your own space.

Mix styles

To bring out the signature seasonal tones of an autumn harvest atmosphere you want to opt for warm colors, seasonal prints, and textures! Think about mixing neutral tones with hints of warmer and deeper tones.

Think about practicality

Beauty and great photos are fun, but make sure your table actually works well for meals too. For example, consider the height of your tablescape centerpieces to make sure they don’t block people from seeing each other and conversing.

Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Try mixing some of these amazing items in your space to create a table that will wow dinner guests and make everyone feel warm and cozy!



Extra Décor

Once the dinner party’s over, keep all of your items organized in a clean and decluttered space.

Check out our DIY Pantry Guide for tips to help you stay ready for hosting.

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