Self Care for the New Year

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When most of us think of the New Year, we think of what resolutions we will be making — how to earn extra income, eat better, or spend more time doing fun-filled activities with family and friends.

Whatever you’ve decided to focus on this year, it’s important to love yourself and create intentional healthy habits that nurture your mind and body. I’d like to share the things that I’ve focused on this past year that have changed my life.

Find your balance

While it is perfectly okay to have high expectations of yourself, YOU will likely always be your toughest critic. It’s not possible for us to be doing everything “perfectly” always, to work full time, have an Instagram-ready clean and tidy house every day, raise a family, and do fun activities with friends and family.

Finding a balance that leaves you feeling less anxious and more clear-headed allows you to truly enjoy life.

I used to work 6-7 days a week. I had little to no time or motivation to cook myself healthy food, had autoimmune issues and body pain, horrendous anxiety, and little time to truly enjoy myself and my loved ones. 

After my son was born, I knew that I couldn’t continue this lifestyle. I cut back on work and started listening to my body. Now I recognize that I’m overdoing things when my hands start hurting, my stomach is off, and I cannot sleep. By making the choice to change my lifestyle, I realized I was still able to do the work I loved, even if I was doing less of it. I stopped having most of my autoimmune issues and body pain and I slept better. I was able to cook healthy meals and spend more time keeping my home clean and doing fun things with my friends and family. 

Find your balance and see how it changes everything for you.  

Set boundaries

Boundaries are essential. More than ever, it’s so important to establish and honor your limitations.

It's okay to say no to that inquiry, or that event, or that expectation of cleaning every inch of your home today. It’s okay to take a day off to cozy up and read your favorite book or go on a girl's day and leave that load of laundry for tomorrow.

Setting boundaries not only for others but ourselves helps protect our time and energy and avoid overcommitting.

Allow yourself to feel and communicate

We often feel a lot of pressure to keep up the facade of being this unwavering force at the forefront: the perfect mom, the perfect housekeeper, the perfect worker. But inside, we don’t always feel happy, content, or perfect, so we don’t need to pretend we are.

Bring your feelings to the surface and take time out to ask yourself how you’re feeling. Why am I feeling that way? What is important to me? What can I let go of that is not serving me? I also make a point to communicate with my husband so that he’s aware of my feelings and can properly support me.  

I instantly feel less stressed when I write things out and communicate with my friends and family. It allows me to be more aware and present, my family knows how I am feeling, and I can move forward feeling more focused. 

Try meditation

This is a newer concept for me, so I am by no means an expert on meditation. What I do know is this: when I give myself at least 20 minutes after I put my son to bed to lie down, listen to relaxing music, and clear my mind, I’m able to let go of the day's stress and sleep more soundly.

I personally love different kinds of chakra music. (Try ""Boost Your Aura" meditation music on YouTube" and see what you think!)

Take a break from technology

I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being on social media and my phone a lot some days. This is a reminder to put your phones and remotes down. Go make a play fort with your kids, cook dinner with your spouse and enjoy a glass of wine, or read a book — whatever connects you to yourself and your loved ones (and not to a screen)!

A technology break can mean no phones at the dinner table, no TV in the bedroom, or no screens between certain hours of the day. It can be different for everyone, so try something that fits you and your routine. 

Choose a Sunday Reset

I swear by a Sunday Reset. It’s a designated time each week that I go around my home and tidy up. I clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and floors. I do all the laundry and meal prep for the next few days.

This routine finishes up the weekend and allows me to start the week prepared.

I would love to know your forms of self-care. Email me ways that you cut out stress. Or If you need more suggestions, I am here for you.

Love & Light,


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