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Creating an organized home is not a simple task. So it’s ok not to expect it to be simple. It’s more of a journey that requires fortitude and focus. Without these key components, you will probably start a project and not finish it, creating an even bigger mess than you had before. Below is a list of ingredients that come together in a recipe for fortitude and focus, helping you stay motivated and finish projects.


Fortitude is the beginning, the fire that lights inside you and starts to burn, getting those energy levels pumping and creative thoughts blossoming in your mind. What can we do to jump start this for you and keep it going? Think about what motivates you. Turn that energy into action.

  • Power phrases. “You got this!” “The only person in your way is you: make a choice.” “Today is the day.” Whatever word or phrase gets your heart beating faster and your determination going, tell it to yourself. Write it down somewhere you will see it. You hold all the power you need to make this happen. 
  • Energy. Pick a time of day or day of the week when you know you will have the energy to begin. I am a super early morning person so that’s when I’ll shoot out of bed and make my husband roll his eyes and shout “What is wrong with you?” If your energy spikes mid-day, get whatever you need to get done in the morning on your designated day. Prep for your project by getting bags and boxes ready, and be ready to begin when you know your time is right. 
  • Help. Ask your significant other, kids, or your friends to assist you. Social facilitation not only drives things forward much faster, but it can be a fun project with added creative minds, strong hands, and little laughs. Take some candid photos to make it more fun.
  • Party time. Plan a gathering for the next day or next weekend. Let your friends know what you have been up to! This will keep you driven throughout the project. The last thing you want is your BFF to ask you if a tornado went through your home.
  • Reward. Always promise to give yourself some love when you have accomplished something. Whether it’s a glass (or three) of wine, a trip to the hair salon, or simply putting on your baggiest lounge pants and sitting out in the back yard with a book. You have just tackled some serious stuff and you are a rockstar!


If you have the motivation, you’ve already gotten past the first step. But staying focused during a project can be another huge hurdle when you have so many obligations elsewhere. People need you. Chores are calling. Now, how can you stay focused?

  • Expectations. Let your family know your plan and what you need from them to help you complete this project. You can designate assignments for each of them. Or they just need to get the heck out of your way because you are on fire!
  • Write it down. Have your plan written simply and clearly so that you know exactly what your steps are. If an idea comes to mind, get your sticky notes or your phone and jot down your thoughts so you don’t forget. Then get back to work and do not let the thoughts fester. 
  • Phone. While completing a project, it’s ok to use our phones for music or inspiration. But keep in mind that you have a goal. Make the choice to not answer calls or spend hours on your phone looking at Instagram.
  • Anxiety check. We all have moments when we wish we could wiggle our noses like Samantha Stephens from Bewitched and have it all be done in seconds. Getting overwhelmed by the 50 things we need to do is not the way to move forward. What is your goal? Simplify your thoughts and focus on the task at hand. Do one thing at a time.

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