Rediscover the Rhythm of Your Space as Life Changes

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Let’s talk about life changes and rediscovering ourselves through a personal metamorphosis. When you’re finding the “new you,” spending a day cleaning or organizing can elicit your inner boss babe to emerge. 

There is no single correct way to clean and organize — the method is curated to your space, your flow, and your lifestyle. You will be motivated to declutter when you tie organizing to your goals based on your personal evolution. Life changes happen for various reasons, at all ages, whether it be:

Getting a new job

What you do for work plays a huge role in what your closet looks like. If we tend to wear more business attire, we need space to hang our shirts and dress pants. If we’re more casual with yoga pants, jeans, and t-shirts, then we can get away with folding those items. Your goal is to create a closet that allows you to grab what you wear most often with ease, making your morning routine simpler. When your job changes, your closet changes too.

Additional housemates

New housemates can spark organizing changes. A new housemate could be a significant other or a new roommate to help pay the bills. Either way, that area that you used as an office or spare bedroom now needs all your stuff out of it. Time to get creative and relocate. What can go in storage or be tossed?

Newly single

Becoming newly single can be hard to adjust to, but this is also a new start for you. Your goal is to achieve happiness, regain confidence, and create fresh structure. Getting started can be as simple as getting a new outfit to lift your spirits and inspire you to get out with friends. Blast that song that gets your blood pumping. Maybe it’s new bedding with extra pillows to create a heavenly little nest to veg out and watch your favorite movies. Or getting rid of a few unwanted items that tie you to the past. Sky’s the limit here, you got this!

Having kids

At this exciting stage, there is a ton of information and guidance on what to do when you are expecting. Your goal is to create a clear space just for your little one and his/her needs such as feeding and changing. You also want to have a space and/or bag ready for “on the go” for you and for the baby.

Kids move out

At some point, your children will leave the coop and begin their own journeys. You now have entire unused rooms to create that office or small gym space that you have wanted for years. What will empower you? What is your goal?

Big life changes, good and bad, are part of our journeys. We hope we can assist you on your transformation.

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