Creating a Happy Home

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Assessing your emotional connection to your space

We all crave the beauty of those images we see in magazines of impeccably clean, organized rooms. We are drawn to the symmetry and tidiness of an uncluttered space. You can read so many books and articles that give you top tips for organizing your bedroom, but what we want to focus on is the overall happiness of our home.

We want to know how you connect with your home and what will make YOU happy. Once we establish this, we can work on achieving that link between your home, health, and happiness.

If there is a disconnect between the space you wake up to each day and what you want to achieve in life, it’s going to weigh on you.This weight is then going to trickle down into your work and your relationships. You need to have the energy and motivation to create the life you deserve. But with the resources and tools to support your needs, you can achieve true happiness. 

So, let’s complete a few assessments to figure out where your happiness is inhibited.

Assessment 1: What character is my space?

If you could describe your home as a person, what characteristics would it have? Is it loud, stressful, out of control? Does your bedroom remind you of The Mask with his insane alter ego leaving a trail of chaos and debris? Does your living space have a persona like sad and pitiful Eeyore? 

Assessment 2: Explore your space

Go through each room and ask yourself:

  • How is this supporting me?
  • How is this sabotaging me?
  • What are my obstacles?
  • Why am I holding onto this?
  • What do I want to create for myself?
  • What would need to go to achieve what I want?

Assessment 3: Emotional Attachment

When you go through items in your space what emotions come to mind? Frustration, sadness, neglect, loss…any negative feelings you have attached to an item means that this item is weighing you down. We tend to hold onto these things due to guilt, fear, and shame. (Again, all negative emotions.) It’s time to let these feelings go and bring happiness into your life. Once you become aware of your underlying feelings and reasons for holding on to things, you can begin to let go more easily.

If you are committed to change then you are committed to achieving results.

After completing a few assessments and determining what your needs are — at your core — you can then start to plan out what you need to make your space more functional and beautiful. Sure, your home is a place to eat, sleep, and play, but what do you need to achieve happiness? Whatever the space is, it needs to be connected to your heart.

Continue this journey with Jada. She will assist you through video chats, emails, and DIY Guides to help you create a happy home.

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