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Jada Winckler, owner of Feather & Nest
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In 2020, Feather & Nest grew from a cleaning and organizing business to something bigger. Jada decided to fulfill her vision of helping people improve wellness through an organized lifestyle.

Jada reached a fork in the road in 2013 when she moved to Saratoga county: she could either continue her demanding work as a Resident Counselor and Youth Worker, or she could take a chance and follow her vision. Her job had been wonderful and rewarding, but stressful.

She wanted to focus on creating a business that helps others relieve stress. As a person who thrives on helping others and working hard, she combined these passions as she started and grew Runner’s Green Services as a local cleaning business.

Over time, Jada outgrew this version of her vision. Feather & Nest was designed in 2020 to expand on the existing cleaning and organizing services to help people evolve their entire lifestyle toward wellness and reduced stress. Feather & Nest is an inclusive space for people to learn how to nourish their homes and their bodies, plus find recommendations for green cleaning products, organizing tools, and lifestyle tips to achieve an overall wholesome life.

“Jada and her team are extremely professional and trustworthy! They use all green products, which is important to us, especially since we have a toddler. Our house looks great after each cleaning!”

Christine S.

“Organizing and decluttering can be overwhelming and emotional at times. Jada’s extensive organizational skills, compassion and understanding makes the process easy and effective.”

Cella L.

“Jada has helped maintain the cleanliness of our home and relieve the unwanted stress of getting the house ready for big family parties. She is absolutely amazing and trustworthy.”

Jackie H.

We want to help you create a clean and organized home that represents the best version of you.

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